School Supplies for Room C-12


*******I will provide each of the students with a small box of crayons, a pack of colored pencils, a couple of “fun” pencils, and 2 pencil top erasers. 

    Mandatory(label everything, please)

  1. A small size pencil box—the large size takes up too much room

  2. Clipboard (letter not legal size)—this is helpful when students are working in groups and are not sitting at a desk.

  3. 1 Thin plastic closing file folder (not the accordion kind)This will be used as Homework folder

  4. White board markers (at least two)—I will provide the whiteboards for the students; we will ask for markers again in December and then in March

  5. A Whiteboard eraser—an old clean sock works well

  6. Post-it Notes—any size

  7. Highlighters—pink, yellow and green (for Writer’s Workshop)

  8. 2 Ultra fine point Sharpies—black

  9. A favorite BOOK to read for the first week of school

Optional (but truly helpful)

  1. Water bottle to be taken home, cleaned and refilled each day.  The water bottle will help facilitate better classroom management.

  2. Flash Drive for storing transferring computer projects

  3. Tissue Boxes for the class to use—I will let students know as we run out.  This will be helpful in the winter months when colds are everywhere.

  4. A set of fine colored markers for Science and Art

Our Class Wish List  (completely optional)

  1. Ticonderoga Brand Pencils

  2. Scotch Tape ( just the rolls, not the dispenser)

  3. Glue Sticks

  4. Washable markers—preferably the scented “Mr. Sketch” brand.

  5. White construction paper—this appears to be in high demand.

  6. Ink Cartridges (black or color)—for the HP564 and/or HP Officejet H470 printer.

  7. Stamp Pads—the washable, non toxic brands